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CPP (Cast Polypropylene Film)

CPP films produced by Sumer Plastik are suitable for printing and lamination processes and are used as flexible packaging for different products.


CPP films have excellent mechanical strength and optical properties, high puncture and tear resistance. They are brighter, more transparent and higher strength films than polyethylene films.

Producable width = 300-3400 mm
Producable thickness = 25 - 120 microns

CPP Film Features;

»Excellent heat seal property
»High brightness
»High mechanical strength
»High melting temperature
»High puncture and impact resistance
»High water vapor barrier property compared to PE films

CPP Film Structure and Technical Specifications

»3-5 layers PP coex film
»One side corona
»Optionally, one side has double side heat seal property
»Suitable for lamination and printing processes
»Superior process performance in automatic packaging machines

CPP Film Usage Areas

»Bread packs and other bakery products
»Pasta, pulses and other dry food packaging
»Textile goods packaging
»Medical product packaging
»Pet food packaging


»CPP films with retortable sterilization and pasteurisation
»Special type CPP films for frozen food packaging
»CPP films with antifog
»Peelable Cpp films
»CPP films with Oxobiodegradable feature available.